Develop Career Ready Students  

Choose the grade level(s) and activities that will benefit you the most from the options below.

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#1 Explore - Careers and Workforce Explore - Careers and Workforce

INFOhio has developed a Career Awareness, Exploration, and Planning page on the INFOhio website. This page is a collection of career resources for teachers to use with students. A combination of INFOhio resources, resources from ODE partners (OMJ, Career Connections, Department of Higher Education), and the web are located here. 


Investigate Career Exploration and Planning Resources

  1. Start with and select the All Resources button.
  2. Select the blue Career Exploration and Planning. Explore the grade band that best matches your needs or just browse the resources on each grade level.
  3. Consider how you might use the resources with your students.  Are there other topics that might be helpful?  How can you integrate these resources and or topics into your current or new lessons?
#2  Explore -  Career Planning (Grades 9-12) Explore - Career Planning (Grades 9-12)

Teachers face many challenges when incorporating meaningful career planning lessons into classroom learning, but the most daunting is time. Read this Teach with INFOhio blog post, Career Planning for Grades 9-12 with INFOhio, to learn how INFOhio resources can support teachers incorporate meaningful career planning instruction into their classroom. 

Then, learn how to navigate EBSCOhost Career Collectio to locate resources to support career planning. 

EBSCOhost is an interface that searches digital content collections.  One of the collections developed by INFOhio is the Career Collection which contains articles from trade and professional publications to support a variety of vocational and technical research needs.

The Career Collection interface lets you search these EBSCO databases, all at the same time: Alt HealthWatch, Computer Source, Consumer Health Complete, Health Source: Consumer Edition, Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition, Newswires, Regional Business News, Small Business Reference Center, and Vocational and Career Collection.


 Watch this introduction to basic searching in EBSCOhost. 

Explore the Career Collection:

  • Go to
  • Click on the Grades 9-12 button.
  • Click on Career Collection.
  • Explore the top menu bar. 
    • Click on More.
    • Select Small Business video collections.
    • Enter the search term "interview".
    • Notice the many types of interview videos available.
    • Click on New Search.
  • Explore the Career Collection content. 
    • Search the topic Future Job Market.
      • Experiment with the limiters. 
      • Click on an article and experiment with the Google Classroom, Google Drive integration and/or the citation information.
    • Search for information about careers in a field of interest to you and your students.


Add Career Collection to your class or library web page with this url

Additional help tools and resources are available at this url:

#3 Explore - Career Exploration (Grades 6-8) Explore - Career Exploration (Grades 6-8)

Middle school is a prime opportunity to engage students in focused career exploration. Read this Teach with INFOhio blog post, Create Opportunities for Career Exploration in Grades 6–8 with INFOhio, to learn how INFOhio resources can support teachers incorporate career exploration experiences into their classroom that will spark curiosity and support inquiry skills. 

Then, learn how to navigate INFOhio's IWonder to find career exploration resources that will engage young learners. 


IWonder is INFOhio’s home for educational and engaging websites for students to explore! IWonder includes a section "Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?"

Watch this introduction to IWonder.

Explore IWonder:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Grades 6-8.
  3. Click on IWonder.
  4. Review the IWonder Genius Hour materials in the IWonder Teacher Resources. (Note: The IWonder Genius Hour activity leads students through the inquiry process.)

Use the IWonder Genius Hour to open the curiosity door for your students while they are learning about careers, they can also be learning the critical steps in the research process.

Explore additional career subcategories in IWonder.

Add IWonder to your class or library web page with this url


#4 Explore -  Career Awareness (Grades K-5) Explore - Career Awareness (Grades K-5)

What do you want to be when you grow up? Ask any child that question and you are bound to get a myriad of responses that range from teacher to astronaut. And why not? Childhood is a time of wonder, imagination, and discovery. Read this Teach with INFOhio blog post, Creative Career Awareness for K–5 Learners, to learn more about how INFOhio resources can support career awareness in the K–5 classroom. 

Gale in Context: Elementary includes text, images, charts and graphs, and educational videos from books, magazines, and news periodicals on interesting and important facts with connections to current and past events, including career exploration.

Watch this introduction to Gale in Context: Elementary.


Explore Gale in Context: Elementary:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Grades K-5 button.
  3. Click on Gale in Context: Elementary.
  4. Search Careers.
  5. Explore the different book articles, magazines, news, pictures, and videos to learn more about a variety of different careers.  


Add Gale in Context: Elementary to your class or library web page with this url

Additional help tools and resources are available at this url:

#5 Explore - The World of Work (PreK) Explore - The World of Work (PreK)

World Book Early Learning is a PreK-3 early literacy resource that helps students with foundational skills. World Book Early Learning contains videos, images, articles, stories, and activities about people at work.

Learn about World Book Early Learning.  Then explore.  Think of ways to use this information in your classroom.

Watch this Introduction to World Book Early Learning. You can download a transcript for further reference.


Explore World Book Early Learning

  1. Start with and select the Ages 3-5 button.
  2. Select World Book Early Learning from the resources listed at the bottom of the page.
  3. Scroll through the topics and then click on People at Work on the World Book Early Learning uses a browse approach to engage the learner in thinking and learning about different topics of interest.  With a brief introduction, a young learner will begin to wonder and collect information on specific topics. 
    • Explore the topic People at Work.
      • Click on the Go button to choose a career topic to explore.  The right and left buttons will go to the previous or next page.  The button in the middle can be used to activate the read-aloud function. When you are done, click the red X to return to the main screen
      • Scroll down the page to find short videos games, stories, pictures, and activities about different jobs. Use the browsing feature to find videos and images to engage the learner in thinking and learning about different topics of interest. 
      • Click on one of the stories like “When I Grow Up.”  Note: This story is a perfect segue into a discussion about different types of jobs.
      • Look at the People at Work Games and Activities. The games and activities can be used as extension activities.  They are also opportunities for students to practice tech skills like click/tap, drag/slide/drop and select/deselect.
  4. Click on the For Grownups, link to learn more about World Book Early Learning, including downloadable Little Books, curriculum correlations, and more.

Add  World Book Early Learning to your class or library web page with this url

Additional help tools and resources are available at this url: