Engage Your Students with Reading Resources  

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#1 Read - Engaged and Empowered Readers Read - Engaged and Empowered Readers

Building engaged and empowered readers in the 21st century must rely in part on reading online text, having  strategies to comprehend it, and the skills necessary to share what has been learned with others. In this module you will investigate strategies for close reading of digital texts for use with students of all ages, a skill students need both in school and in college and careers.

INFOhio offers resources and tools to engage readers of all ages and all interests. This module is designed to help you lead your students to become active readers empowered to read text deeply, not only in print, but also online.  In addition, this module will help you promote reading as a fun life-long activity, one that students do frequently and with pleasure.  The digital resources from INFOhio are available wherever there is Internet available and can be accessed from a variety of devices, including tablets, phones and desktops. 

As you explore the INFOhio tools and resources, consider ways to integrate digital reading skills in your PreK to high school classroom.  Use the form, Engage Students in Reading to record ideas as you explore the resources in this module.

#2 Read - Digital and Print Reading Practices for Families (Grades PreK-12) Read - Digital and Print Reading Practices for Families (Grades PreK-12)

Think about these questions as you review the Scholastic Kids and Family Reading Report.

  • What are the challenges for reading digital text the report reveals to you as an educator?
  • What strategies can you use to develop readers’ interest in digital text?
  • How can you help parents encourage their children to read eBooks and other digital text?

Explore the section: Reading to Navigate the World. Note the statistics on reading patterns and trends.