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#1 Read - INFOhio's Resources and Rich Digital Content Read - INFOhio's Resources and Rich Digital Content

The goal of blended learning is "to provide a personalized education for every student and increase academic success with self-pacing and extra support”, according to Thomas Arnett, an education research fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation. (The Different Faces of Blended Learning)

Blended learning involves:
  • students learning partially through online instruction. The students control the time, pace, place and path.
  • students learning partially in a physical place. The teacher instructs in a classroom or lab.

In this module you will learn about free digital content for blended classes from INFOhio and features for easy integration of this digital content to personalize education for your students into many learning management systems (LMS). Here is a brief introduction to some of the resources. 
ISearch:  Use ISearch to search almost all INFOhio resources with just one click. You can add an ISearch widget to your virtual class to search magazine sources and encyclopedias, STEM resources, DVC videos, and eBooks. You can even add the the resources to your Google Classroom by just clicking on a button.
Explora:  Find thousands of articles and images from magazines, journals and newspapers in Explora for Grades PreK-5, 6-8 and 9-12. Use the Google Classroom button to add the articles and even audio versions of the articles to your class.  Use the Permalink to add the resource to other types of Learning Management systems.
World Book:  Find background articles from World Book Kids, World Book Student, and World Book Advanced. You can add links to the articles in your class.
  Kids InfoBits: Kids InfoBits includes text, images, charts, graphs, and educational videos from books, magazines, news periodicals on interesting and important facts with connections to current and past events. Sign in to share to Google Classroom and send content to Google Drive and OneDrive with a click of a button. 
Research 4 Success:  R4S is a blended learning class that helps high school juniors and seniors develop the high-level research skills they need in college and on the job. It consists of six self-paced learning modules that walk students through the research process, from deciding on a topic to presenting and evaluating the results. The modules can be linked in an online class or used from the INFOhio site.
INFOhio's Digital Video Collection:  The Digital Video Collection contains more than 2,900 streaming educational videos for grades 3-12 that support Ohio’s Learning Standards. The videos can be embedded in any learning management system such as Google classroom.
#2 Explore INFOhio's Blended Learning Pinterest Board Explore INFOhio's Blended Learning Pinterest Board

Explore these INFOhio Pinterest boards:

  • Blended Learning for a curated collection of journal and Internet articles on blended learning.  
  • Flipped Classroom for a curated collection of journal and Internet articles on flipped classroom instruction.