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#1 Read - STEAM and Critical Thinking Read - STEAM and Critical Thinking

STE(A)M is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Now add an A for the arts and you are ready to tackle STEAM.   How is STEAM education different from the way that we’ve always taught?  The answer is integration.  Traditionally, math, science and even art were taught as separate subjects with technology sometimes added as an afterthought.  The STEAM movement integrates all of these subjects.

For students to succeed in today’s world they’re going to have to ask questions, investigate, analyze data, develop evidence and defend their conclusions – all skills that require information literacy. In short, they’re going to have to think, act and learn like scientists. And when they’re adults, no matter what their career, they’ll need to sift through issues and form their own opinions.

You don’t need to worry about adding more to your already overloaded schedule.   STE(A)M is not just for the science classroom, but for all subject areas.  Science – technology – engineering – math – art -- the concepts cut across all standards and involve investigations, analysis, use of information and synthesis.   ELA literacy and math standards are naturally embedded along with elements of creativity from the arts standards.  Students use the same steps and skills to analyze a reading passage, write a persuasive essay, play an instrument, or conduct a science experiment.

As you explore these resources, consider ways to integrate critical and creative thinking and problem solving skills in your classroom.   Use the form, Steam and Critical Thinking to record ideas as you explore the resources in this module.

#2 Read - Nudging toward Inquiry: Re-Envisioning the Animal Report Read - Nudging toward Inquiry: Re-Envisioning the Animal Report

Read the article, "Nudging toward Inquiry: Re-Envisioning the Animal Report," by Kristin Fontichiaro for suggestions from teachers and librarians on ways to add inquiry to a simple project to make it STEAM worthy. (Note: If you need your school username and password, visit the and click Get Password under Classroom at the bottom of the page.)

#3 Watch - STEM + Art = STEAM Watch - STEM + Art = STEAM

Watch this short video that shows the connection between STEM and the Arts, STEM + Art = STEAM.