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Announcing Continuing Education College Credit now available through Ashland University’s Professional Development Services. Select the courses linked below for information including registration information.

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Certificates are produced at the completion of each Success in Six module assessment.  To receive a certificate, complete a module and take a quiz. Certificates are produced with your name, date of the quiz, module title. Each module takes about three hours to complete, and many districts accept a certificate for CEU credit.  

Success in Six is a self-paced online learning program that shows you the latest ways to use digital resources to support 1:1, blended learning, personalized learning, differentiation, and a host of other student needs. It is offered at no charge to any Ohio educator—teachers, librarians, tech coordinators, administrators —from INFOhio (www.infohio.org), Ohio's PreK-12 digital library.
Each module contains an overview to bring you up to speed on the topic and then guides you to sites and tools to explore more deeply. It finishes with activities that let you practice new skills.

You can complete one or all of the modules in any order. All modules are accessed at the Success in Six homepage.

  • Learn to Search and Research Effectively—Are you tired of your students finding the top three hits on Google and calling it a search well done? Then try the techniques in this module to give them insider tips on effective search techniques that save time. Help your students become research experts, using critical thinking, problem solving and communication skill techniques presented in this module.
  • Engage Your Students with Reading Resources—We all tend to skim when we read online, yet we ask our students to read more and take more tests online than ever before. This module gives you techniques for helping students read deeply and comprehend more using INFOhio's online text.
  • Develop Career Ready Students— Do you help your students explore and learn about careers available today and predicted to be needed in the future? Do you help students develop the soft skills needed to be successful as life-long learners, employees and employers? This module introduces the many resources available, here in Ohio, to assist students in career exploration, research, and preparation.
  • Discover High Quality STEAM Resources—Ohio educators have access to thousands of diagrams, videos, virtual experiments, and articles that support science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math topics. Learn ways to incorporate them in this module.
  • Explore INFOhio’s Differentiation Tools—Discover innovative techniques for using digital tools to help students learn wherever they are and whatever their needs.
  • Find Free Content for Your Google Classroom— Learn easy ways to integrate INFOhio’s free digital content into your Google Classroom or other learning management systems. Hone your skills to deliver blended learning while developing new techniques to personalize learning for your students.

Complete a module and take a quiz to receive a certificate with your name, date of the quiz, module title. Each module takes about three hours to complete, and many districts accept a certificate for CEU credit.  If your district is interested in providing Success in Six with workshop credit from a university, there are several options.

  1. Up to two-hours of continuing education graduate credit through Ashland University:
  2. Contact your local Educational Technology Center or Educational Service Center who can assist with course implementation.
  3. Create a school level course and work with a local university to provide graduate credit. Contact INFOhio Support for a draft syllabus and work record.

Start exploring Success in Six today! We hope you find it useful. Please direct any questions or comments to INFOhio Support.