Develop Your Research Toolkit  

Choose the grade level(s) and activities that will benefit you the most from the options below.

4 Activities: Click to view each activity
#1 Explore - Early World of Learning (PreK-3) Explore - Early World of Learning (PreK-3)

Early World of Learning is a PreK-3 early literacy resource that helps students with foundational skills.  It has an early learner encyclopedia called Know It.  Know It uses a browse approach to engage the learner in thinking and learning about different topics of interest.  With a brief information, a young learner will begin to wonder and collect information on specific topics. 

Watch this introduction to Early World of Learning.

Explore Early World of Learning

  1. Start with and select the PreK-5 button. (Enter your INFOhio username and password, if asked.)
  2. Select Early World of Learning from the resources listed.
  3. Click on Know It on the Early World of Learning homepage.
  4. Explore the Know It topics. 
    • Click on the start arrow in the middle of each article to activate the read-aloud function.
    • Click on the question marks for more information. Note: Use the question marks to help young students generate questions they have about the topic.
    • Click on It’s a Fact, if the article has this feature.  Note: The It's a Fact is a perfect segue into evaluating information and determining what is a fact and what is fiction.  


#2 Explore -  IWonder and the Genius Hour Activity (Grades 4-9) Explore - IWonder and the Genius Hour Activity (Grades 4-9)

 IWonder is INFOhio’s home for educational and engaging websites for students to explore!

Watch this introduction to IWonder.

Explore IWonder:

  1. Go to 
  2. Explore the questions. 
  3. Review the IWonder Genius Hour materials in the IWonder help page. (Note: The IWonder Genius Hour activity leads students through the inquiry process.)

Use the IWonder Genius Hour to open the curiosity door for your students while they are learning critical steps in the research process.

Add IWonder  to your class or library web page with this url

Here is the path to find IWonder:

  1. Go to:
  2. Select a grade band.
  3. Select IWonder. 
#3 Explore - Research Tools (Grades 4-10) Explore - Research Tools (Grades 4-10)


GO: Ask, Act, Achieve provides research tools for students in grades 4-10.

Explore GO: Ask, Act, Achieve

  • Start with and select the grades 6-8 or grades 9-12 button.
  • Select GO: Ask, Act, Achieve from the resource list on the far right side of the page.
  • Explore Go: Ask, Act, Achieve.  In each section:
    • Listen to the Voki.
    • Review the questions.
    • Click on each question and review the resources and tools.
  • Review the teacher guide.
    • Click on "Ask: How do I begin my research?"
    • Click on "Question Generator Form" word or PDF word and review the technique to help students generate questions.
    • Review additional teacher materials and note items you could use with your students. 
    • (Note: If you are a Google school, be sure to review the tab "Using Google Apps with Go".)

Note: To link to Go: Ask, Act, Achieve on your website use

#4  Explore - Research Online Class (High School & College Credit Plus) Explore - Research Online Class (High School & College Credit Plus)


INFOhio's R4S: Research4 Success is an online class for the high school and College Credit Plus student designed to be used in conjunction with a class assigned research project.  R4S guides students through a research project step-by-step as they build skills necessary for college-level research.

  • Read background information on skills needed for college success in Elaine Tuttle Hansen's article "Top Students Too, Are Not Always Ready" from The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 15, 2013. (INFOhio username and password may be needed for access.)
  • Read the "Getting Started Teachers" section of R4S.
  • Complete the "Request Materials" information to access the teacher guide. (The login will be emailed to you.)
  • Review the six modules in R4S and consider ways you can use R4S to build your students' research toolkit.

If you use a learning management system, learn how to build R4S into your course easily with R4S Widgets.

If your students are preparing for college or are in a College Credit Plus course, learn about Zotero.

Zotero is a free research tool that helps researchers collect, organize, cite and share sources and is used on college campuses.  The following information about Zotero is included in R4S.

Introduction to Zotero.

Getting started with Zotero.

For more information on Zotero review R4S Module 3: "Selecting the Best": Section 5 Tools to Excel.