Discover High Quality STEAM Resources  

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#1 Explore - Explora for Educators for STEAM Resources Explore - Explora for Educators for STEAM Resources

Watch the Explora for Educators Video Tutorial.

Search for STEM lesson plans in Explora for Educators. Click on the STEM Lesson link to find articles with lesson plans and lesson ideas, then do a search of your own for useful resources. 
#2 Explore - Explore -



Explore (from the Explora for Educators homepage) which allows educators to search over 1,000 lessons and activities by lesson, standard, activity, or subject area. Try looking for a lesson or activity that would really engage your students in STEAM.

#3 Explore - Curriculum Toolboxes Explore - Curriculum Toolboxes

Curriculum Toolbox

Explore the Curriculum Toolboxes found in the Educators section of or under the Quick Links at the bottom of the page. Each toolbox collects digital resources—articles, online tools, instruction ideas, and pulls them together, so when you have a few spare minutes you can learn more on a variety of topics.  STEAM related toolboxes include:  

  • Digital Literacy.  Discover links to sites to practice online tech skills, digital literacy resources, maker spaces, and coding.
  • Math and the Common Core.  Review the math links in this toolbox to find lesson plans, standards, and other activities.
  • Science Connections.  Check out these science resources to find helpful resources about ecosystems and other science topics.
  • Bags.  Investigate Camp INFOhio.  It is a virtual camp with five days of reading, activities, and experiments centered around STEAM topics like code breaking, kitchen science experiments, engineering roller coasters, and the connection between hexagons and bees. Engineering the Future is another instructional bag featuring careers in engineering and feats in engineering.

Have you found at least two resources in the Curriculum Toolbox that will help your next STEAM project?


#4 Watch - What is a MakerSpace Watch - What is a MakerSpace

The verbs create, solve problems, DIY, invent, program, imagine, explore, and collaborate are frequently used to describe makerspaces and are also used when talking about STEAM. Watch this video to learn more about what a MakerSpace is.

#5 Explore - MakeIT Explore - MakeIT

Explore the INFOhio MakeIT, which contains information on what a MakerSpace is, how the space can be created with little to no budget, and how Making aligns with Ohio’s Learning Standards.

#6 Extend the Learning Extend the Learning

Think about how you will to integrate critical and creative thinking and problem solving skills (STEAM skills) in your classroom. Evaluate the ways you help students to analyze data, develop evidence and defend their conclusions.  How will using the STEAM related INFOhio resources help your students with their problem solving?

Extend the learning with these tools:

  • Need ideas for elementary science projects?  Explore the science projects at the bottom of the World Book Kids homepage.
  • Need science experiments? Explore the journal articles with experiments in Science Reference Center by following the link on the right under Reference Shelf.
  • Want articles on controversial science related issues for your students to read and discuss ?  Check out the Overview, Point, Counterpoint and Guide to Critical Analysis for some of the topics under Browse by Categories in Points of View Reference Center.
  • Need comprehensive articles on current science topics in the news?  Check some of the Science in the News essays in Science Online.  They even have discussion questions.

Extend the learning and plan a lesson using the sample lessons: