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Let’s get started! Click the down arrow by Activity #1 below and work through the activities sequentially in Get Ready, Dive In, and Achieve Success. Then take the quiz to earn contact hours and a digital badge.

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#1 Read - Carol Tomlinson's Differentiation Model Read - Carol Tomlinson's Differentiation Model

Carol Tomlinson's Differentiation Model

"Differentiation is where students gain the same knowledge, skills, or curriculum content while utilizing different tools, instructional materials, or pedagogy techniques along the way."  Gerwitz, Stacey, (2016). How Different is Differentiation?. School Library Connection, 1(9), 29-31.

Read through Carol Tomlinson's ASCD Spring 2010 presentation "Differentiation is a Teacher's Response to Learners" where you will discover ideas for differentiating instruction.

Consider these questions

  • What has been a successful method for you?  

  • Is there anything you will do differently based on this chart?

Tomlinson, Carol. "DifferentiationCentral." Differentiation Central. Institutes on Academic Diversity in the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia Copyright © 2009-2010, n.d. Web. 18 Apr. 2016. <http://differentiationcentral.com/DIis.html>.

#2 Activity - Learning Style Inventory Activity - Learning Style Inventory

Take this Learning Style Inventory by Marcia Conner to gain a better understanding of the way you learn.

#3 Explore - World Book Kids Explore - World Book Kids


Explore INFOhio's resources to find tools and materials and even pedagogy techniques to fit the needs of your students.

First Explore WorldBook Kids. There are features and tools in this elementary resource that you can use to adapt content for secondary students struggling with reading and content. (To access World Book Kids, follow the link or find it from the list of PreK-5 or the All list of resources on INFOhio's homepage.)

Using your learning style from the inventory as a guide, browse through the resource looking for features and tools that will help you learn.  For example, if you are a visual learner, you can include the visual directions found in the activities at the bottom of the home screen. Look for three features you found in World Book Kids that will help you differentiate an upcoming lesson.



#4 Read - Questioning Forms from GO: Ask, Act, Achieve! Read - Questioning Forms from GO: Ask, Act, Achieve!

Inquiry is an effective differentiation tool. When students create their own questions, they can become engaged with their research at their own ability level. Download and read the two questioning forms in INFOhio's GO: Ask, Act, Achieve! in the Ask: How Do I Begin My Research section. The questioning forms to look at are What's My Angle? Generating Research Questions and Library Learning Commons: Question Pick 'N' Mix.  Think about how using those forms could help individual students with their inquiry work.